Seems Pink forgot about some number 1 (Picture: Getty Images)

Not even Pink knows which of her albums has reached number one over the years.

For the record, its three of them.

The superstar was seemingly in the dark about the chartings of her hit albums, as she took to Twitter to respond to news from Billboard overnight.

After recently wrapping a mammoth worldwide tour earlier this year, after more than two years on the road, the singer – real name Alecia Moore – is taking some well-earned R&R.

However taking to social media yesterday, Billboard wanted to remind us all that seven years ago Pinks 2012 album, The Truth About Love, reached the number one spot on the charts.

If only Pink knew this.

Responding to the message: @Pinks The Truth About Love hit No. 1 on the #Billboard200 7 years ago today, the mother-of-two wrote: No one even told me that album was #1.

Pink doesnt need to know which of her albums go to the top, we suppose (Picture: PA)

The more you know, Pink!



Turns out, though perhaps Pink has merely forgotten, as one follower dredged up an old tweet from September that year that read: After 13 years and 6 records, Im beyond floored to have a #1 album in the US. Im grateful for all the ears and all the hearts. Thank you!!

Perhaps someone from her team sent that out? Wouldnt be that weird if this was the case and Pink still was none the wiser.

Other fans were just loving her nonchalant view of the whole chart success thing.

Because youre so fierce you dont need chart validation. Youre Midas with your music and performances, one responded, as another fan chimed in: And I thought I cant love you more.

No one even told me that album was #1.

— P!nk (@Pink) October 6, 2019

This album was Pinks first number one album, and she went on to grab another two in the years since with 2017s Beautiful Trauma and this years Hurts 2B Human also topped the competition.

If you were wondering, Funhouse got to number two, so, you know, close.

The superstar has been reliving some epic moments from her career this week, after she shared an epic shot from one of her recent tour dates.

US singer Pink
Shes still flying about the place (Picture: AFP)

The Just Give Me A Reason singer graced the stage at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday to headline this years installment of Rock In Rio. And its safe to say that Pink got the party started and delivered a standout performance thanks to her dizzying acrobatics.



After being suspended in the air, Pink was seen dangling from a particularly large chandelier with seemingly no fear whatsoever. She then looped her legs into a hoop and hung upside down all the while still managing to sing.

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