Overwatch character news: Is Blizzard teasing Overwatch's next new hero already?

It looks like Blizzard could be about to reveal a new character for Overwatch.

Earlier today, the company released a tweet which read like an After-Action Report for a fictional in-game event called Operation “WHITE DOME”.

The message, written by Ana, reveals a declassified report from a skirmish performed by the Overwatch strike team where Reinhardt and Torbjörn (Lt. Wilhelm and Lt. Torbjörn) were injured.

The report reads:

"Strike team under the command of myself, Captain Ana Amari, was deployed to the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey to deal with a remaining pocket of omnic resistance. Personnel included Lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm, Chief Engineer Torbjörn Lindholm, and Private First Class Emre Sarioglu. After routine insertion, the team was able to overcome and neutralize all hostile combatants without casualties, the battle resulted in serious injuries to Lindholm and lesser injury to Lt. Wilhelm. Had it not been for Lt. Wilhelm's timely intervention, it is likely that Lindholm would have been killed. Due to conspicuous bravery on the part of Lt. Wilhelm, I am suggesting a commendation for his actions."

it seems this report could be the event in which Torbjörn lost his arm and his eye (which would place it before the events of last year's Uprising event).

But the biggest news comes in the form of a name we haven't heard before – Emre Sarioglu.

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The only information we have about Emre Sarioglu so far is that he's a Private First Class Overwatch operative. That's it.

But Blizzard is very intentional with how it introduces new characters to the lore of the game, it wouldn't just add a new character to the Overwatch universe carelessly.

The name-drop is likely the first in a series of teases coming from Blizzard intended to hype up a new character – the company certainly likes to sow the seeds before the unveil big content drops like this.

But the message could also be a tease for the next Uprising event.

Uprising was a lore-based seasonal event in Overwatch that started on April 11, 2017, and ended on May 2, 2017. The event included a new lore-based co-op brawl mode that takes place in a modified version of King's Row.

Though last year's event didn't introduce any new characters, we might see something a bit different this year.

we're hoping to hear more about the enigmatic Emre Sarioglu soon.

After a successful Stage 1 which saw London Spitfire crowned winners, the Overwatch League returned this week.

Both the teams and game won't be the same. Players have been released and traded from one team to another. Nerfs to Junkrat and Mercy create fresh challenges for the players to overcome.

And there's a brand new map pool to keep things fresh.

All in all, we couldn't be better primed for the start of Stage 2, which gets back underway in a couple of hours.

We've run through everything you need to know for the new season – and you can read up on all that here.

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