Hong Kong actor-singer Nicholas Tse has refuted reports that he is not on good terms with his elder son Lucas.

The 39-year-old has two sons – Lucas, 12, and Quintus, nine – from his five-year marriage with actress Cecilia Cheung, 39. The couple divorced in 2011 and she gave birth to a third son Marcus in November last year. She did not disclose who the father was.

Tse has rarely reacted to news on his relationship with Cheung, but he has done so when the reports concerned his children.

A recent Chinese report circulating on the Internet claimed that Lucas criticised Tse in a rare interview with Hong Kong media.

When asked about his father, Lucas reportedly said: "My brother and I seldom see our father because he is very busy. When I am sick or when my brother has a fever, it is my mother who looks after us."

According to the report, Lucas added that he does not regret the separation of his parents as he felt that Tse "does not deserve her".

However, there was no source attribution and there were no such reports in any of the Hong Kong media outlets.

Tse's manager Mani Fok said it was sheer fabrication, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

Tse himself released a statement through Emperor Entertainment Group on Tuesday (Oct 22).

It said that Emperor Entertainment and Tse are highly concerned about the misleading and unfounded articles about his relationship with his son, which have been reported in several media outlets.

"We hereby solemnly state that the company's artist (Tse) has a good relationship with his children and they get along well. The miRead More – Source