New dating app uses your DNA to help you find love
‘Oooooooh, we both love Seinfeld and we’ve got the same genes!’ (Picture: Getty)

Dating in 2017 is a real minefield, I’m sure you’ll agree, if you’re single and browsing.

According to research it’s more likely to be men who are browsing, as they just can’t handle being by themselves. (U OK HUNS?)

If you’ve decided to give dating apps like Tinder and Bumble a whirl, then you’ll likely have given a lot of thought about what to write on your profile, and what to say in those crucial first messages.

However, a big problem with most dating apps is that some users just upload a few pictures (which may or may not look anything like them) and don’t bother writing a bio, so you have no idea if you’re even compatible with Tess from Scunthorpe or Dave from Totnes.

However, that’s all set to change with new dating app Pheramor, which matches users via their DNA.

Pheramor dating app DNA
Could this app revolutionise dating? (Picture: Pheramor)

The app – currently being trialled in Houston, USA – involves users buying a DNA kit, swabbing their cheek and posting it back.

There are 11 genes linked to our pheromones (small molecules secreted in bodily fluids which influence sexual interest) which determine whether we’ll find someone attractive, and these are the genes which are extracted from the DNA and compared to other users’.

It’s not just science – the app also uses data from your social media profiles to help match you further, so your interests, where you’ve been checking in, where you last uploaded a picture of your brunch, that sort of thing.

When users show up on your app, you’ll be shown a percentage telling you how good a match you’re likely to be for each other, based on the above information.

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The dating app is currently only available in the US, and while there are 3,000 users on it now, it’s officially launching in February 2018.

So, if successful, maybe they’ll bring their mouth swabs to our shores to help us all find love in the slurry pit that is the UK dating scene 2K17.

Although, as we said before when we sent off our DNA to Marmite for promotional gimmick purposes, should we really be posting our DNA to companies willy nilly?

Are they really just using our cell scrapings to find us people to love, or are they actually harvesting data in an effort to control the masses?*

*Their website promises that they’re not.

New dating app uses your DNA to help you find love

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