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New Aliens shooter in the works from ex-BioShock and Doom devs
Alien Isolation – what will the next Aliens game be like?

Hopes of a sequel to Alien Isolation have finally been quashed, as developers with experience of Doom and Metroid Prime start work on a new game.

Companies have been making games based on the Alien movies for decades, and unlike most film franchises they actually have a pretty good track record in terms of quality.

2014’s Alien Isolation was the last one, but although it replicated the atmosphere and look of the first film perfectly it was a somewhat flawed survival horror and a financial failure.

It was also Sega’s last attempt to use the licence, and while some fans had been holding out hope of a sequel – or at least a VR version – it seems that licence holder 21st Century Fox has taken matters into their own hands.

Fox has had their own games division before, but according to recently set-up a new division called FoxNet Games and are planning to create a new console and PC shooter set in the Alien universe.

The developer is Cold Iron Games, who are headed by a number of staff that used to work at MMO maker Cryptic Games. That doesn’t seem a particularly good match for a horror shooter, but apparently they’ve recently hired people that have worked on games such as BioShock Infinite, Doom, and Metroid Prime 3.

Although a quote from FoxNet Games suggests that maybe it’s not a straight shooter after all: ‘Cold Iron adds a whole dimension of game development and play to our arsenal: long play-session MMOs targeted to PC and console gamers.’

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There are few other solid details on the game, except the promise that it will, ‘explore areas of the universe that fans haven’t got to experience’.

FoxNet’s only other announced game is mobile title Marvel Strike Force, but they insist that they want to, ’make games as important a part of Fox’s business as movies and television’.

Where this fits into Disney’s acquisition of most of Fox’s assets isn’t clear, but when the deal is complete in a year or so they’ll certainly own the Alien licence and presumably FoxNet Games as well.

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