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Lego Dimensions - should they do a standalone Simpsons game?

Lego Dimensions – should they do a standalone Simpsons game?

A reader imagines his favourite franchises turned into Lego games, from a Star Trek tie-in to a Lego Nintendo game.

I have been enjoying Lego games since my earliest days of gaming, with the likes of Lego Racers and Rock Raiders on PS1 and Lego Island and Football Mania on PC. They were a key part of my formative years of gaming. Since 2005s Lego Star Wars, Lego games have all followed the same formula though and whilst I would like to see a return to the variation of yesteryear, I dont think this is likely.

What can improve though is the variety of franchises given games, as it has become very stale with regular DC and Marvel games of late. What follows, in no particular order, is my five picks for franchises to be turned into Lego games

1. Lego Doctor Who
Doctor Who is as popular as ever and has almost as many fans in America as it does here in the UK. With 13 doctors, countless enemies, and endless locations to call upon the possibilities are boundless. The many villains allows for a wide variety of abilities that could reinvigorate the character types and puzzles that have become increasingly formulaic.



2. Lego Star Trek
Again, there is so much history to Star Trek with all the different shows and films that there would be no shortage of characters and multiple games could be made based on the different crews and time periods. The ships could be collected just the same as the characters to mix both ground and space-based levels. The only drawback is that it is unlikely to draw in the family audience that the Lego games thrive on. A more serious, adult-focused Lego game would certainly be something different though.

3. Lego The Simpsons
Ever since Simpsons Lego sets were revealed a few years back I have been expecting this game to be made and am surprised it never has been. Springfield offers lots of iconic locations to fill out a hub world and there would be plenty of opportunity for humour, and as with my first two picks lots of characters to make use of. The abilities would have to be much more grounded but I think that could work if the right amount of thought is put in to it.

4. Lego Scooby-Doo
Scooby-Doo may lack for the same volume of characters as my other choices but it makes up for that with the twist it could provide on the gameplay. Playing as the main gang to track clues and unmask the ghosts allows for less action-orientated gameplay and a focus on puzzles. Each mystery could end with setting up a trap to capture the ghost. It would play well with audiences of all ages and potentially offer a more cerebral type of co-op gameplay.



5. Lego Nintendo
To me this is a licence for Nintendo to print money and I have hoped for it ever since Lego City Undercover came out as a Nintendo exclusive. Putting Nintendos iconic characters into Lego form is the perfect excuse to get them together in one single-player focused game (co-op as well of course). Nintendo could be heavily involved to pen an original story and each character would have unique abilities for plenty of gameplay variety. Nintendo have shown themselves more willing of late to licence their characters out so this could be the perfect partnership to take that to the next level.

By reader Pigfish2 (PSN ID/NN ID)

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