Have you showered today? We might not talk about our hygiene habits, but the daily shower is a mark of modern respectability. Many of us wont even remember a time before the morning shower – all that luxurious steam, shampoo aromas, maybe a song. But now with technological advances, some of us are having a morning shower we do want to shout about.

Mira Showers is one of the most recognised brands in showering and can trace its roots back to 1921, when bathing was done in a tin tub in front of the fire. Today, showers come in all forms – electric, mixer, power and digital – but what we want from our showering experience is very personal. So what techy advances are out there now?

The smart home has even made it possible to personalise showering with an app and voice control via home hubs such as Alexa. “However, for me, voice control has to do more than just react to me saying shower on,” says Roland Boal, head of industrial design at Mira Showers.

Mira Mode Dual shower

“Mira Mode has a bluetooth app that, amongst other features, can learn your bath depth and temperature preferences”

“If voice control could recognise that it was specifically me and was stitching together a meaningful experience just by me saying relax me, that would be exciting; the shower comes on to my preferred temperature, and activates a sequence of my preferred sprays, adjusts the ambient lighting to warm white and dim, and fades in a favourite music playlist.”

On the journey to fulfilling these advances Mira Showers has launched the Mira Mode. “Mira Mode has a bluetooth app that, amongst other features, can learn your bath depth and temperature preferences,” says Boal. The digital Mode Maxim might look like a regular shower, but the experience of the spray gives a central mist and outer drench.

Dornbracht also loves pushing the boundaries of high-end tech. The German bathroom and kitchen specialist has created a horizontal shower as a quirky alternative to a bath, with over-mounted jets at different pressures – its compact shower suites have both horizontal and vertical showers.

Dornbrachts digital Aquamoon ATT shower

​Dornbrachts latest invention is the digital Dornbracht Aquamoon ATT – a smart-tech statement shower with touch-screen options to “choreograph” water flow, lighting and fragrance to boost mood (£5,736 from dornbracht.com or visit CP Hart in Waterloo). Its spa-quality showering worth waking up for.

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