A woman in Gaithersburg, Maryland, runs a pet retirement home where senior dogs get to live their final days with love, care, and dignity. The commitment she puts into it is truly astounding.

Sher Polvinale and her husband, Paul, had started House with a Heart, a sanctuary for older dogs in their four-bedroom home back in 2006. After Paul passed away in 2008, she continued the work with the help of volunteers and relied solely on donations to run the retirement shelter. “In order to feel happy and fulfilled in life, everyone needs a passion. This has become mine,” the woman explains in an interview with People.

اس پر ‏‎Sher Polvinale‎‏ نے شائع کیا بدھ، 21 جون، 2017

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اس پر ‏‎House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary‎‏ نے شائع کیا بدھ، 10 جولائی، 2019

In the safety of this retirement shelter, Polvinale and her staff of volunteers work hard to ensure “that the end of their life is full of love and caring and lots of attention,” as she says, per National Geographic. The animals also get “all the medical care they need.”

Around 60 volunteers are grease that keeps the entire operation going. “The volunteers come and help do laundry, they clean, they do the work in the yard, poop scooping, and they just help in all areas of the sanctuary. And without them, we couldnt take care of as many as we do,” Polvinale told Fox 5 News.

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اس پر ‏‎House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary‎‏ نے شائع کیا جمعہ، 9 اگست، 2019

But Polvinale is so committed to the animals living in her care that she hardly ever leaves the house. She claims that at most, she would be out four times a year and thats for medical appointments. “Shes always here,” according to Harriete Sackler, the vice president of House with a Heart.

Up to 30 pooches aged 12 and older can be living in the sanctuary at any one time. And they are usually referred from other dog shelters, or by owners and family who can no longer look after their pets.

Picture with the dogs – and Emily, Lori and Chris

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