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Authorities charged a 23-year-old man Friday for pretending to be missing Illinois boy Timmothy Pitzen, a claim the FBI quickly disproved through DNA evidence.

Brian Rini, an ex-convict, could get up to eight years in prison after being charged with making false statements to federal authorities, reported The Associated Press.

Rini was treated at a center for people with mental health or substance abuse problems in Ohio in 2017, according to court papers. His DNA was already filed away because he had a criminal record — Rini had been in prison for a year for burglary and vandalism. The FBI concluded Rinis DNA was not a match for Pitzen. (RELATED: FBI Reports No DNA Match After Man Claims Identity Of Boy Who Disappeared In 2011)

“Its not OK to do it because of the harm that it causes, the pain, for the family of that missing child,” U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman said of Rinis claim that brought back pain and suffering for Pitzens family, according to the AP.

Timmothy Pitzen, missing since May 12, 2011, is shown in both an undated photo and a rendition of what he may look like at age 13 on a poster obtained by Reuters April 4, 2019. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/Handout via REUTERS

“Its devastating. Its like reliving that day all over again,” Pitzens aunt Kara Jacobs said.

Rini was jailed in Cincinnati Thursday, the news agency reported.

Pitzen was last seen at a water park in Wisconsin, according to the Read More – Source

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