Molly-Mae is Beauty Works latest brand ambassador (Picture: Beauty Works/Molly-Mae Hague)

Love Islands Molly-Mae Hague is not bothered by Lucie Donlans shady comments about her not keeping in touch with the other Islanders as shes been way too busy focusing on work instead.

Since coming second on the show with boyfriend Tommy Fury, Molly has been jetting back and forth between the UK and the USA for various work projects as well as Tyson Furys fight, and launching her new hair range with Beauty Works.

Speaking at the launch, Molly-Mae revealed to that she hasnt been paying attention to Lucie Donlans claims that she never sees anyone from the show, as she has had too much going on to take much notice of her claims.

Molly-Mae explained: Yeah, not really, because its not the case. I do still see the people that I was close with in the villa and Lucie and I werent close in the villa.



So she would say that because Id say the same about her because we dont speak, we werent close. And obviously circumstances just mean that were not close like that.

So it didnt surprise me an article like that came out because it is the case, we dont speak.

But I do speak to other people, Im very, very close to Maura [Higgins] and I was on the phone to her last night for two hours. The people that have been close to in the villa, I speak to and thats completely untrue. I didnt even blink twice at it.

Molly Mae Hague
Mollys been too booked and busy to be bothered by Lucie Donlans shady comments (Picture: Beauty Works/Molly-Mae Hague)

She added that there were over 40 people who went into the villa in total over the series, and nobody would realistically maintain close friendships with all of those people on the outside.

Molly-Mae continued: Its 40 random people, theres no way and how youre going to be friends with all of them. Ive literally got a couple of close friends in my life because Im very selective about people that Im close with, so I was never going to be friends with everyone.

I dont think I think it would be unrealistic for anyone in the villa to say that they would be friends with everyone, because its just not the case.

Molly Mae Hague
Molly-Mae has been selective about the brands she wants to work with after leaving Love Island (Picture: BeautyWorks/Molly-Mae Hague)

Since leaving the Villa, Molly-Mae has been selective about the brands she has chosen to work with, and as well as her partnership with PrettyLittleThing for her clothing range, she has now teamed up with Beauty Works to launch her own range of hair products.



She told us: It means everything to me that I am working with brands I could only have ever dreamt of before, like to have three and a half million followers is such a large number of people to influence and I only want to influence them with brands that I absolutely love.

And Ive actually only worked with two brands so far [Beauty Works and PrettyLittleThing]. Coming out of Love Island, Ive had countless brands contact me and want to work with me.

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