Logan Paul's return to YouTube proves he hasn't learned his lesson
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Logan Paul’s return to YouTube isn’t quite what we’d hoped for.

On the face of it, his return held so much promise as yes, he does deserve a second chance. But this probably wasn’t the way to do it.

Much like his initial apology video, which was slammed for being self indulgent, his return to YouTube video has followed along the same lines.

His latest vlog, his first proper vlog in three weeks since going on a ‘social media blackout’, became a bragging video in which he joked about being disgraced, talked of how he’d gained subscribers in the time he’s been offline, and how he has received hundreds of thousands of likes on social media posts since returning.

It all smacked of him slightly missing the point.

‘YouTube cut my ads in half so I need you to buy my merch,’ he joked at one point.

He also reminded viewers that he’s pledged to donate £1 million to suicide prevention charities, and joked about being hit with a lawsuit for $4m.

He even bragged about being able to call Dr Phil a fan following the controversy of his ‘suicide video’ post.

Logan made light of a petition that calls for him to be banned from YouTube, and which he then signed in the video, and joked about support he’s been receiving from celebrities.

‘I’m immersing myself in this world [of suicide prevention],’ he says at one point. ‘So I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen.’ Then he swiftly moved on to talking about his dad being followed by Cardi B on Instagram.

However, he did say one thing that suggests a positive step forward for the YouTuber.

‘No matter how much hate or comments from random strangers, it’s noise to me,’ he said. ‘I will never forget who I am and no one can let me think other wise. As long as I’m improving as a person, then we’re good.’

He later joked about going to North Korea following his Japan video, and confronting Kim Jong-un.

Logan closed the video by saying he has no plans to go anywhere and certainly won’t be leaving YouTube.

Any ounce of his more humble approach from his suicide prevention video seems to have evaporated and it seems the 22-year-old’s lesson hasn’t truly been learned.

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