• Highly detailed cars have been a feature of Lego's Technic line since it was created in 1977, but they never looked this good back then. Lego
  • With 3,696 pieces, expect to spend at least a weekend building this model. Lego
  • The real Sián FKP 37 lurks in the background. Lego
  • I'm pretty sure Lego had to cast these wheels especially for the Sián kit. Lego
  • The engine, transmission, and rear suspension subassembly. All 12 pistons will move in the cylinders as the rear axle turns. Lego
  • A closeup of the eight-speed sequential transmission. Lego
  • I would imagine the real Sián doesn't expose the internals of its gearbox quite like this. Lego
  • It's a Lamborghini, so obviously it has Lambo doors. Lego
  • The seats might not be that comfortable, but the paddle shifters actually actuate the gearbox. Lego
  • A look at the V12's engine cover. Lego
  • In case you're in any doubt where Lamborghini comes from, there's a handy flag. Lego
  • With the engine cover removed, you can see the engine in situ. Lego
  • Yes, that box does say 18+. Lego
  • The kit even has a little Lego tool bag. Read More – Source [contf] [contfnew]


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