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PES 2019 - can Konami close the gap on FIFA?

PES 2019 is released in Europe on August 30

Konami has announced it will deliver continuous content support for PES 2019 giving fans more leagues, stadiums, kits, and teams over the course of a year.

PES 2019 is released in a week and boasts the largest addition of licences ever seen; as well as full 3D modelling of players and stadiums for partner clubs and a revamped myClub experience. But it is the continuous content support that should thrill fans most.

Konami is excited about PES 2019 and they have every right to be judging by the presentation European Brand Manager Lennart Bobzien delivered at Gamescom, with the publisher particularly focusing on supporting the title over the coming year.

After losing the Champions League and Europa League licenses to EA and FIFA, eyes were on Konami to see what they would announce in the lead up to the games European release on August 30 (August 28 in North America), though it should be mentioned that Inter, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Liverpool join Barcelona as partner clubs.



Yet PES has a habit of doing things differently and though they now boast more officially licensed leagues than the franchise has ever had, the fact remains the top European league under their umbrella is Ligue 1, with Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League found over on EAs turf.

But Konami has always been fighting against the tide when it comes to licensing and their fans know it.

So it was welcome news to hear Bobzien describe in detail the data pack updates Konami have in store for players this year.

From launch, fans can expect new stadiums, leagues, teams, kits, boots, and players to be added with continuous content support, though there were no precise details offered at Gamescom.

It might mean the return of the Spanish and Italian second divisions or top tier leagues currently being worked on, while it seems likely Konami will announce more partner clubs in due course.

Regardless, the announcement provides fans of the series more depth and immersion than ever before, especially for loyal Master League and Career mode players.

Aside from the ongoing support for PES 2019 and tweaks to the gameplay, the most impressive development included in the title is the almost total revamp of myClub.



For starters, fans will immediately notice PES move more towards the player cards and packs seen in FIFAs (and Maddens, and NHLs) Ultimate Team. The spinning balls have been replaced by the universally recognised correct way to unveil players and items for your club.

Konami will also release weekly featured players, improved cards that correlate with a players real life form. The kicker being that these cards can give a player a new skill or trait – something that will really make players perform differently to their standard card.

Die hard fans of PES will also be pleased to see a revision to the way Team Spirit works and the increase from 50 to 1,000 player slots in your club is a long overdue change.

All in all, myClub looks set to have its best year yet. One of the great frustrations over the years was the difficulty in assembling a team of players you wanted, especially if you were averse to spending real life money on myClub coins. So its more than pleasing to see Konami make tweaks by reducing the cost of agents.

But to reiterate, receiving regular data pack updates is a mouthwatering prospect and something to really get excited about.

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