With natural and cozy textures, expertly mismatched patterns and funky light choices throughout, it projects a warm and inviting vibe that's not unlike the one the first-time talk show host projects herself. "I love talking and I genuinely like people," Clarkson says. Case in point, it took her mere seconds for her to prove that true as we sat to be mic'd up for our interview. A producer, seemingly used to finding ways to elegantly interrupt chatty Clarkson, had to step in so we could start recording the interview properly."We learn so much from others when we take the time to listen," Clarkson adds.Clarkson is at home on the Universal backlot. It's where she also films "The Voice," the reality competition show with a rotating list of coaches. This year, she's alongside Blake Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani.It's proved to be a good gig for Clarkson, whose musical mastery, bubbly persona and down-to-earth delivery have made her a panel favorite. In some way, "The Voice" introduced viewers to Clarkson's own voice beyond powerhouse notes.On "The Kelly Clarkson Show," she's taking that to the next level, and, she says, hoping to use it to bridge gaps.Taking a cue from "The Graham Norton Show," Clarkson's show features a panel — only hers has celebrities sitting side-by-side with non-famous faces. (Some of her guests include Dwayne Johnson, John Legend and Ellen DeGeneres.)"You'll see like, a librarian sitting next to a celebrity, sitting next to a singer, an actor; it's different [mixes]," she says.She hopes this approach leads to conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Honest dialogue, she says, is just what the world is calling for. "It's a very divisive time right now, unfortunately," she says. "I mean, the social climate is very intense right now and I want it to be the hour of television thRead More – Source


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