Charles and Katies romance was short-lived (Picture: Instagram/ITV)

Katie Prices ex reportedly refused to sign an NDA, being left furious about the recent photos of her with Kris Boyson.

Its said that the builder, who had moved into Katies Sussex home, is fuming after he carried out jobs around the house.

A source said: Katie wanted Charles to come to the house and talk things out – shes been begging him not to leave and to take her back.

But hes still fuming over her cheating on him and embarrassing him so told her hes not interested. Thats when she asked him to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) saying he wouldnt speak about her in public or tell his mates anything about their relationship, they added to The Sun Online.

It comes after Katie was pictured sneaking out of her ex-fiancé Kris Boysons house in a hoodie and baseball cap.



She was spotted strapping her two young children into the car, while Kris shut the door for her.

However, Charles was apparently not happy in the slightest after she was caught out.

Katie Price and Kris Boyson
Katie and Kris were engaged before their split (Picture: Kris Boyson/Instagram)

She lied to Charles, an insider told Katie was totally caught out.

Shes in hot water, theyve been sneaking behind peoples back and its not cool.

Katie and Kris got engaged back in July, with the star announcing the news on Loose Women, but later split in August.

It was claimed that Katie had savagely dumped Kris over text and that she had been cheating on him with Charles.

Charles Drury selfie
Charles was reportedly furious after the photos (Picture: Instagram)

According to The Sun, Katie met Charles Drury over Instagram and started flirting up a storm – before stepping things up a notch and meeting at a hotel.

A source told the publication: They started messaging and really hit it off so decided to meet up at a hotel in the Cotswolds called Ellenborough Park.

She asked him to come to Turkey with her as she gets her face fixed and he couldnt resist the offer. He almost didnt make it because he forgot his passport but hes there now and they are taking their flirtation up a notch.

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