When was the last time she cleaned the pool? (Picture: Katie Price)

Katie Price has just given us all an intimate tour of her mansion to prove that the papers are wrong about her mucky mansion.

Uploading the video to her brand new YouTube channel, the reality star walked around her garden to show us piles of rubbish and a pool filled with questionable green ooze.

She said: Im going to clear up some rumours about my mucky mansion and house. Its ridiculous.

The 41-year-old reality star tried to prove that her West Sussex home is now squeaky clean but were not too sure shes right.

After showing viewers around different parts of her home not normally seen by cameras, Katie finally confessed: Yes, it does look like a mucky mansion.

The mansion, which costs £2 million, has an unfairly bad reputation, according to the mum-of-five, but appears to be in a state of disrepair.



Her swimming pool was first shown on Through the Keyhole, hosted by Keith Lemon, and she took offence when he called it a swamp.

Picture: Katie Price Katie Price's rank pool
Her childrens play area was not fit fore use (Picture: Katie Price)
Picture: Katie Price Katie Price's rank pool
The pool was filled with musty green water (Picture: Katie Price)

This is my swimming pool at the moment. I think it looks a bit better than a swamp. Obviously Ive fenced it all off so the kids dont get in there, she insisted at the time.

On the bright side, the star added that shes planning to build a new home on the site of her former tennis courts – explaining she has genius plans for the main house.

Lets hope she has big plans for the pool as well.

Meanwhile, the surgery-obsessed star was seen hanging out at a bar with Geordie Shores Scottie T and James Tindale after spending time with Chloe Ferry at a birthday party in Durham.

The model apparently invited the reality stars back to her hotel room for an after-party as they finished chatting at the bar.

Katie was out with Chloe at Snapchat model Chelsea Fergusons party, at Ramside Hall in Durham, but was photographed with Scotty and James after the bash ended.

She was all over them – laughing and flicking her hair. She was almost giddy, a source told The Sun. They were talking until the early hours, then Katie left through the back door so nobody saw them leaving together.



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It was like Katie wanted everyone to know she was out with Chloe, but kept James and Scotty off her sRead More – Source