Jessie J has opened up in an interview with Closer Magazine (Picture: Getty Images)

Jessie J has revealed that she would love tell her younger self shed date Channing Tatum in order to boost her confidence.

Wouldnt we all?

The Domino singer spoke about advice she wished she had known when she was growing up with self-esteem issues, and she revealed: The first thing that comes to mind is “youre enough”, Id say.;

Be yourself, and dont be afraid to say how you feel.

She added: Id also say cut down on the blusher babes. And take a breath… youre going to get with Channing Tatum in 10 years so keep going!

And the 31-year-old believes she is a more emotional person than is made out to be.

Im an emotional person. People think Im really tough – Im an Essex girl, right? I was raised tough. I was sick when I was a kid so I had to fight she explained in a new interview with Closer Magazine.



My passion can sometimes come across quite aggressive – Ive had that my whole life. Its important that I let people see that side of me, that I am really emotional and actually quite shy.

Jessie J posts sneaky happy birthday message to Channing Tatum Picture: jessiej METROGRAB
Jessie and Channing have been dating since October 2018 (Picture: Instagram)

Jessie also admits that she finds the attention she gets a little too alarming at times.

I love to be who I am and to inspire and I do not ever take my life for granted – but sometimes I just want to go on a date without someone sitting next to my boyfriend.

The biggest thing I hate about being famous is when you go to a friends party and you help tidy up and they say, you dont have to do that – youre Jessie J.

And when I walk around Sainsburys and people go, Why are you here? and Im like, “I want to buy food! Theres no celebrity supermarket.”

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Jessie J has been dating Channing Tatum since October 2018, and there seems to be no slowing down for the pair of them.

She joked that her actor boyfriend looks great naked after he shared a naked snap of himself to social media.

Jessie is currently starring as a coach on the third series of The Voice Kids.

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