Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Louise and Jamie have finalised their divorce (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Louise and Jamie Redknapp have had their divorce granted, which was made official on 29 December.

Keeping true to their word of having one last Christmas together, the couple have finally called time on their 19-year-marriage following months of speculation over their troubled relationship in a divorce that was granted in just 20 seconds.

Judge Ian Mulkis granted a decree nisi at a hearing in the Central Family Court in London, at which neither Louise, 43, or Jamie, 44, were present.

They announced their split in July as Louise cited years of being a stay at home mum left her feeling like a ‘stepford wife’ having discovered a new-found freedom in training for Strictly Come Dancing.

Their divorce also follows weeks of speculation over her friendship with her Strictly partner Kevin Clifton, who is also said to be having marriage troubles with his wife Karen.

Louise and Jamie are also expected to reach an amicable agreement over custody of their two sons – Charley, 13, and nine-year-old Beau.

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They met in the 90s, when Louise was at the height of her pop star fame and Jamie a top footballer and quickly became a showbiz power couple. Now, 19 years down the line it’s all come to an end.

90s’ young dream

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Louise Redknapp and Jamie Redknapp are rumoured to have split back in July (Credit: WENN)

The history of Louise and Jamie’s romance couldn’t be more 90s if it tried.

They met through fellow 90s legend Robbie Williams while Louise was on tour with Eternal who were supporting Take That at the time.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
(Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Louise insists she played it cool to begin with and kept Jamie waiting before agreeing to go on a date with him. The rest is history.

Wedded bliss

Jamie proposed to Louise while on holiday in Bermuda in 1998. Not wanting a huge, glitzy showbiz wedding, they then married on the beach a week later on June 29.

Happy families

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
A pregnant Louise with Jamie in June 2008 (Picture: MCP/REX/Shutterstock)

Louise gave birth to their first son, Charles William ‘Charley’ Redknapp, on July 27 2004 at London’s Portland Hospital.

They welcomed their second son, Beau Henry Redknapp, on November 10 2008 at the same hospital.

However, with starting a family came her decision to scale back her own career to focus on her sons, letting Jamie take the lead instead.

Speaking previously about her sacrifices, Louise said: ‘Every mum knows there is no better job in the world than having a family but you do lose a sense of you, and I definitely lost a sense of myself.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Jamie and Louise Redknapp (Picture: Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic)

‘Jamie, the foundations of my life, they’re solid. It’s what will always be there. But it is hard when you’re married to someone with a very successful career, and you have children, to have everything.

‘Something has to give somewhere and I think it was me that gave. Having a successful husband is great in some ways but it is also a reminder of you not being successful.’

Baby number three?

In 2015 Louise admitted she was keen to expand the Redknapp brood with a baby girl.

However, she said that her age was a factor, admitting she feels she’s on ‘a short time span’.

‘I would be lying if I said I didn’t have those days where I think it would be nice. It’s hard to rule it out when you reach an age when you know you have to make a decision,’ she said.

‘I am on a short time span. I need to do it quickly if I’m going to do it. I’m fully aware that I don’t have years to wait.

‘I know how close I am to my mum. I’ll always be close to my boys but it’s a boys’ club and I can feel a bit left out.’

Lifting the lid

Also that same year, Louise lifted the lid on her and Jamie’s private life, admitting they do have the occasional row – but she quite likes it.

‘I don’t know a married couple who don’t argue,’ she said at the time. ‘I love a good shout and scream every now and again.’

But she admitted that she and Jamie like to resolve issues as soon possible as they have a deep respect for one another.

She added: ‘We always want to talk it through. That is why we have been married for so long. He’s my husband and my mate.’

Back to work

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Kevin Clifton was partnered with Louise Redknapp on Strictly Come Dancing (Picture: BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy)

While Louise had shied away from the limelight when she had her children, it was time for her to come back with a bang on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016.

She signed up to the show early last year, going on to reach the final where she finished as a joint runner-up with Danny Mac and behind winner Ore Oduba.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
(Picture: JABPromotions/REX/Shutterstock)

Louise did admit at the time that she had to overcome nerves over wearing a tiny leotard on camera, saying: ‘My first hurdle to get over is the confidence of coming out of being a mum at home and to go do it.’

But she also insisted that no Strictly ‘curse’ would affect her marriage, quipping: ‘After so many years, it’ll take more than Strictly and a sparkly leotard to cause problems!’

The first signs of trouble in paradise emerge

In April this year, reports emerged claiming Louise and Jamie were fighting to save their marriage – something Louise quickly dismissed.

She told the Mirror at the time: ‘It was surreal. Me and Jamie had just been out for dinner at Zuma, and were in bed together when we saw on Sky that our marriage was in trouble.

‘We’re great – don’t worry about us, everything’s fine.’

A spokesman for the ­Redknapps also said at the time: ‘Rumours of separation are completely untrue. Louise and Jamie are looking forward to a nice weekend celebrating.’

Rumours of trouble return

By June, it was claimed that the pair were living apart amid their marriage crisis. By July, there were yet more rumours of trouble in the Redknapps’ marriage.

It was claimed they were working out their differences, with Louise’s seven-month Strictly tour following her four-month stint on the BBC show apparently putting a strain on their relationship.

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The ‘split’ is confirmed by close friends

With reports that Louise had jetted out of the country with their two sons to take a break, it was then claimed by Louise’s Strictly co-stars that the pair had, indeed, split and their marriage was over.

It was also reported at the time that both Louise and Jamie had allegedly been openly telling close friends their 19-year marriage was over.

Daisy Lowe is brought into the mix

Later that month, Louise’s Strictly pal Daisy Lowe found herself at the centre of the Redknapps’ marriage woes.

Apparently, her friendship with Louise had caused problems for Louise and Jamie as they weren’t getting to spend enough time together at home.

A source close to Louise told The Sun: ‘Strictly completely changed Louise.

‘She had spent over a decade successfully raising their children and being a doting wife. But in the end it didn’t fulfill her.’

Another source added: ‘They formed a real bond. That became even stronger on the tour where Louise became inseparable from Daisy.

‘Louise ended up spending a lot more time away from home with Daisy and rediscovering her youth.’

All love isn’t lost

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
(Picture: Splash News)

Despite the widespread rumours of their split, Louise and Jamie both seemed to find clean break difficult, as they were both pictured still wearing their wedding rings for weeks after their split.

Kevin Clifton rumours surfaced

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Louise and Kevin were hit by rumours (Picture: BBC)

However, the couple began to be plagued by rumours Louise had grown close to her Strictly dance partner Kevin – with it emerging that a worried Jamie had put in a call to Karen Clifton about his concerns, who warned Jamie to keep his wife away from Kevin.

A quickie divorce

Amid rumours of their split Louise and Jamie Redknapp are enjoying time on their own
Jamie and Louise have been living separately (Picture: REX/ Shutterstock)

The couple have now been granted a ‘quickie’ divorce – which was finalised in just 20 seconds.

They had previously said they wanted to spend one last Christmas together, which it seems they achieved before following through with divorce proceedings on 29 December.

They will now reportedly work out the custody of their two sons, Charley, 13, and nine-year-old Beau.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp divorce: Inside their 19-year marriage
Louise and Jamie’s marriage came under strain following her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing (Picture: WENN)

Representatives for Louise Redknapp have declined comment to Metro.co.uk.

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