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How to get a Wyvern Gem in Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World has wide range of weapons and other items for players to find and create in the game.

Some are harder to find than others but can be useful if you are looking to create a certain weapon or piece of armour.

The Wyvern Gems is a rare item that can be hard to find but there are ways for players to get their hands on it.

How to get a Wyvern Gem in Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

What is Wyvern Gem and how do you get it?

Wyvern Gems are a material used by places to improve their equipment in Monster Hunter World.

They are mainly found by hunting particular large monsters including the Diablos, Barroth, Radobaan and Lavasioth.

It is a rare item with a rarity rank of 7 but by capturing one of these monsters you have a chance to getting the item as a reward.

The material can also occasionally be gained by completing certain quests but the best option is to hunt and capture the monsters.

The Wyvern Gem is worth around 4,000 zenny if you wish to sell it and you can carry a stack of 99.

Items that can be made with Wyvern Gem


Blacksteel Charger II

Dragonbone Stabber III

Blacksteel Bow II

Holy Sabers

Dipterus III

Rose Burst

Water Glaive III

Blue Wing

Dear Hecatel


Xeno’jiiva Claws Beta

Barroth Vambraces Alpha

Dodogama Greaves Beta

Jyura Greaves Alpha / Beta

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