Apex Legends - mid-table mediocrity is within your grasp

Apex Legends – mid-table mediocrity is within your grasp

A reader offers advice on how to become at least average in games like Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fallout 76s Nuclear Winter mode.

Ive been playing Apex Legends, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, and had a go at Fallout 76 and I think I have come up with some tips to become at least average in the battle royale game.

Some of the tips only relate to Apex Legends, as it was the one I spent most time with, but the others should be transferrable.

Tip 1. Try multiple characters (where applicable). Only really Apex Legends lets you do this but even though they all run at the same speed, and have pretty much the same stats, you will find that you will do better with a different character. I think I tried all of the free avatars before I found one I was pretty handy with. I couldnt for the life of me get a kill or last a second in a gunfight until I found the right fit for me. So if youre having the same issues try a new character every round until you find one that works for you.



Tip 2. Dont be afraid to run away. Yes, a lot of my surviving was down to legging it when things got hairy. This is especially true just after the drop. If you find yourself in a situation where you still have no weapons and people are shooting at you then get the hell out of there. You could rush in headlong and start punching but it will mean your game is over as it is beginning. Again, this is where a good choice comes in handy as Apex Legends has a few choices for those of us with a yellow streak. Wraith, Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder all have abilities than can save your life if you are getting attacked.

Tip 3. Be a team player (up to a point). This one is for teams obviously, I play teams in the battle royale modes. Should you be a crack shot then skip this one but if you are like me and pretty poor at any distance other than one that Mr Magoo would feel comfortable with then be a team player. Collect health, armour, and ammo and revive when appropriate. Again, if your team has been decimated and you dont feel safe reviving or collecting their banner then run like hell. Recharge shields/health, etc.

Tip 4. Probably should made this first but dont fear or be ashamed of hiding. Apex Legends rewards you more for surviving than it does for getting kills. Should you be in a terrible team or theyve left you behind, or you simply spawn in on your own, then hug the periphery of the zone, find a barn or large bush, and sit there until it is time to move. This one works across the board, my first game of PUBG I sat in bushes and made it to the last five alive. It also helps it you spawn in away from crowds or drop into low tier loot areas.



Tip 5. Use grenades. They flush out other players, can deal enormous damage and you can use them defensively if needs be. My main form of attack is to pelt people with grenades then round after round, andRead More – Source