Sonic The Hedgehog - coming soon to a cinema near you

Sonic The Hedgehog – coming soon to a cinema near you

A reader details his history with Segas mascot and why he thinks Sonic Mania is the best entry in the franchise since the Mega Drive days.

Sonic The Hedgehog is one of those games that managed to take the entire world by storm and even today is a recognised name by many and most gamers. The entire series will certainly grow past 150+ games and even today it is still producing great games like Sonic Mania.

I first got into Sonic back in November of 1991, when I first played a Sega Mega Drive. At the time I rented the console and two games, but I eventually got a brand-new Mega Drive at Christmas and the very first Sonic game. This was the first platformer of its kind where you were collecting rings, as well as seeking out various chaos emeralds. Adding to all of this where multiple bosses and zones which gave the player a great challenge.



The first Sonic game lead the way to what I feel is arguably one of Segas greatest franchises ever and the creation of a gaming hero who is a hedgehog. Sonic 2 hit the market and we got new bosses, new zones, and an exclusive supersonic ability we could unlock for collecting all the chaos emeralds.

However, one thing that made Sonic 2 stand out for me was the two-player mode that allowed you to control the new character Tails. This added a multiplayer experience to Sonic and provided players with extra entertainment and value. Of course, we got a hidden level select feature as well as a cool feature that allowed us to place items on the level, which for a 90s Mega Drive game was pretty impressive.

Soon after this, we got Sonic 3 and then Sonic & Knuckles, where you had the ability to play as Knuckles on both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 – as well as put other Mega Drive games into the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge and play special stages from them.

After the release of the Mega Drive Sonic games we did get some more good games, however, the best new one, I feel, is Sonic Mania, which combined all of the best features from the Mega Drive games and other consoles. It also has a great remix of some of the stage themes and is exactly how a Sonic game should be made. Its for these reasons why I am a Sonic fan and why I have enjoyed many of his games.



Of course, lets not forget the Sonic racing games and the mobile Sonic games, along with the many other titles that have helped the franchise grow into the giant that it is today. For me, Sonic The HedgehRead More – Source


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