This week, the major Dutch brewery Heineken announced that the price of their beers would increase as a result of the high inflation rate in the Netherlands.

Prices on the rise: Not a lot of beer for your buck

Higher transportenergy, and material costs are having knock-on effects across all industries and sectors – including beer. Heineken may be a staple at many Dutch bars and restaurants, but the brewery says some changes will have to be made in order to keep up with the higher cost of production.

Heineken may be coming out of one of its best years in recent history, profiting 3,3 billion euros in 2021 in spite of the coronavirus pandemic and various socio-economic restrictions around the world, but with production costs increasing by around 15 percent in 2022, the brewery says something’s got to give.

While it isn’t yet known exactly how much a biertje may soon cost down at your local pub or supermarket, Heineken has made it clear that the company will be passing on at least some of the higher production costs to customers in the Netherlands.