Switch Lite console and Link's Awakening game

A rare Nintendo bargain

Currys PC World has a great offer for anyone looking to get the new Switch model and a copy of the new Zelda at the same time.

Its clearly no coincidence that the Switch Lite and Zelda: Links Awakening are coming out on the same day: one is a new, cheaper, portable-only version of the Switch and the other is a remake of one of the best portable games ever made.

We thought very highly of Links Awakening in our review and were equally impressed by the Switch Lite in our hardware review for that.

Somewhat surprisingly though, there is no official bundle for the two. But that hasnt stopped Currys PC World from creating one themselves, that essentially gets you Links Awakening for free – at just £199.00 for the pair.

A Switch Lite costs around £200 on its own and Links Awakening has an RRP of £49.99, so that really is a great saving. Especially as you even get a choice of each of the three different colours.



There are no other deals even close to that at the moment, with the bundles on Nintendos official store costing £249.99 for older games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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You do get a few exclusive knick-knacks, like a free carry case thrown in, but thats all. So you probably wont see a better deal this side of Black Friday.

Its also worth bearing in mention that Nintendo games are almost never discounted at any time of the year, so youve got to wonder whether this was actually some kind of mistake on PC Worlds part.

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