All the Batman games you'll ever need

All the Batman games youll ever need

The Epic Games Store might not be every gamers favourite subject but this week its offering six free games based on the Caped Crusader.

As of now you can get two separate Batman-themed trilogy collections for free on PC: the Batman Arkham Collection and the Lego Batman Trilogy. Theyre available now, 20 September, until Thursday, 26 September.

Although finale Arkham Knight is probably the worst of the bunch, all three Arkham games are highly regarded and until Marvels Spider-Man were considered the best (and almost only) superhero video games.

Sadly, Batman: Arkham Origins will not be included in the bundle, probably because Warner Bros. Montreal developed it and not Rocksteady – who have always seemed to resent the game.

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Celebrate 80 years of the Caped Crusader with SIX free Batman games on the #EpicGamesStore: the Batman Arkham Collection and LEGO Batman Trilogy.

— Epic Games store (@EpicGames) September 19, 2019



The Lego Batman games are also pretty good. The first one is fairly old now, but the others are amongst the better Lego tie-in games, with the last one featuring almost the entire DC universe in one way or another.

Epic Games has been offering free games ever since their store started, and theyve almost always been pretty good. The last one was Conarium, a Lovecraftian horror game, and the next will be Metro 2033 Redux, which will be free from 26 September until 3 October.

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Batman Day is tomorrow Saturday, 21 September, so its no coincidence that this is the second Dark Knight related content from Epic weve heard about this week.