Good to see Ni No Kuni getting another chance of making some sales as it seems to be a great game. but I wouldnt know first hand, as a few months after Id bought it on PlayStation 3 I had to sell the console as I moved overseas and couldnt take that and my then new PlayStation 4 with me. I was hoping with this re-release (as thats all it seems to be) that If it was just a port I could have downloaded it again for free, although in all honesty not many games allowed this when the PlayStation 4 was first released, let alone now.

But some did (Journey) and one I recall (Guacamelee) allowed you to buy an upgrade for a few pounds to have the newer version. To me the latter would have seemed fair. This is all just wishful thinking, I suppose, but at least some sort of discount would have been nice. But the PlayStation 3 and all games bought at the time are a distant memory and wouldnt be taken into account these days. Oh well, maybe Ill pick it up again when its cheap in future.

I should add Im not looking at getting an old PlayStation 3 at this point, just some recognition of the fact Id bought it before would have been great. GC, do you know if the Mana compilation coming to the Switch will eventually come to other consoles too? Im not really liking the look of the Mana 2 remake coming to PlayStation 4 next year, but I have fond memories of Secret Of Mana (I also have a SNES classic mini) and Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released outside of Japan.
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