A little bit of fanboy reaction to the PlayStation 5 weekend feature. Especially that guy in the Morning Inbox calling the features writer a punk and shaming GC for running it, ridiculous. The areas of possible improvements in the article are generally recognised weak areas for Sony.

Theres been enough complaints to see many PlayStation 4 models have loud fans. My early Pro model gets very loud. I now play it using headphones, it gets that distracting.

I like the DualShock 4 but the thumbsticks are the poorest, by some margin, on equivalent pads. i.e. Xbox One and Switch Pro Controller. Its not their durability, I find the DualShock 4 sturdy. Its that they have large dead zones and poor contact with your thumb when pushed to their extremities. In terms of arrangement and design its widely regarded as not the most ergonomic and suffers a little from keeping its iconic look. There was an issue with the rubber on the analogue sticks splitting too.

Ive little issue with PSN, it works fine. But enough users have complained about poor download speeds to see the network coverage is a little patchier than Microsofts. Sony have conceded this point by signing up with Microsoft to use their Azure infrastructure for future streaming needs.

It is stupid that the light bar on the controller cant be turned off. Sonys attitude to backwards compatibility this gen has been rubbish and itRead More – Source


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