Playing Doom 3 for the first time and impressions after around five hours are delightedly auspicious. This bold reinvention of the classic series feels so compelling to play with its slowerpaced, more methodical, hellishly atmospheric design choices. Still havent fully processed how drastically different it feels to the other Dooms.

But the graphics warrant special praise: the dynamic lighting and shadow casting effects are pretty impressive even by modern standards, and some of the texture and facial details belie the games years. And I believe playing on the Switchs small screen accentuate these visual qualities.

Its so easy to see how Doom 3 had the most state of the art graphics upon its release in 2004. I vividly recall poring over the unbelievable screenshots and feeling insanely envious of PC gamers with monster rigs being able to experience Doom 3 in its optimal form.

So to see how smooth and crisp it plays and looks on the Switchs handheld mode is quite something, encapsulating just how far video game technology has come.

If I had any gripes with the game it would certainly be the slightly less refined shooting mechanics compared to laser-cutting precision of previous entries and its successor. Thankfully, the lovely presentation, deliciously dark atmosphere, effective lore, and some rather interesting level design lessen this point of contention for me.

Now how Id love a perfect port of Half Life 2 on Switch next. Perhaps even the original Far Cry, Supreme Commander and Crysis. WheRead More – Source


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