Regarding Punky Brewsters letter on Friday evening, about Gears Of War 4s campaign seeming too long. Having just finished it I can say yes and no.

I wrote in last Wednesday morning about it taking too long to reach the seemingly simple objective of getting to the underground mine without the plot moving on.

What was going through my mind was Ive spent so long doing this, I hope the game doesnt end shortly after I get there. After you do get to there, the next major objective is to get to the dam. Theres a boss fight and the game ends. I was left with the is that it? feeling.

Its not so much that it was too long but the game as a whole just wasnt very interesting or engaging.

Gears 3 had an interesting plot which expanded upon itself and had a few twists. There were also a few different character arcs as well that made you genuinely feel for them and by the time Id finished it, Id felt that I had been on an adventure. With 4, the plot started off well but just didnt develop, which seems like theyre drawing it out for number 5.

Looking it up, Id forgotten that Gears 1, 2, and 3 we developed by Epic Games. 4 and 5 are by The Coalition. Gears 3s campaign has been the highlight of the series so far and obviously Epic learned from 1 and 2 how to keep it interesting by not setting the game too much in the same drab underground environments and keep the plot moving. The blueprint for a great Gears Of War was there for The Read More – Source