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PUBG Xbox One hits 4 million players – claim your free loot boxes to celebrate
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – popular on any format

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is proving to be just as successful on console as it is PC, as new updates continue to arrive.

Despite it’s enormous success on PC, where it’s just coming up to 28 million copies sold, there was no guarantee that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) would be a hit on Xbox One.

PC games don’t always translate well to a console audience, and that’s ignoring the fact that the Xbox One release was a (very) early access title with a lot of technical problems.

But it sold 1 million copies in just its first 48 hours, and now the Xbox One version boasts 4 million players worldwide.

That’s not technically 4 million sales, since it includes multiple people using the same copy, but it’s obviously a huge achievement. Especially considering it was on 3 million only two weeks ago.

To celebrate the good news everyone who logs in by Wednesday, January 31 will get 30,000 battle points to spend on loot boxes (which contain only cosmetic extras).

Especially since it’s still an early access title the game is constantly receiving new patches, with the most recent one adding an auto-run option.

Meanwhile, in the PC version the emphasis has been on stopping cheats and improving performance in the lobby.

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A new patch on the PC test server has created several spawn locations for the pre-game lobby, in an attempt to improve the frame rate.

That’s one change we hope they bring to the Xbox One version as soon as possible, as it really doesn’t create a good first impression – not, apparently, that it seems to matter…

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