So, I took up the offer of everybodys cuddly, little liar and downloaded the free trial of Fallout 76 in the week just gone. I started the gargantuan 65+ GB download on Thursday afternoon. Come the end of my session, the download was still not complete.

PlayStation Network problems on Friday meant it didnt finish then either! So, on Saturday, just before I was going to do a bit on Mortal Kombat 11, I managed to give it a go.

When I read GCs review and you said that you could forget creating a cool character because the system and models were so rubbish – I thought that was a mean exaggeration. Fallout 4 was decent in that regard, I was never unhappy with the characters I made. But boy, this game makes the character models in Fallout: New Vegas look like everybody in the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

My god, the characters you make in Neverwinter – a game that is free to play – are much better! I wanted to make a contemporary, female vampire character from one of my writing projects – but only Raider Punk hairstyles are in any way modern and there was no way of saving her from being ugly and weirdly old looking. How can it be so much worse? Baffling.

Just as I was wandering Vault 51, I couldnt help noticing how bored I was. There was barely any loot, what there was wasnt interesting. Getting outside, the feeling of exploration does not give you the same buzz as even Fallout 4 on your tenth playthrough.

The combat is worse, too. The weapons have no weight and stripped of V.A.T.S., its pretty much unplayable. Running around from side to side like hyperactiveRead More – Source