So, the wait for Borderlands 3 is almost over, as someone thats been impatiently waiting for five years or so Im genuinely excited now.

The reason Im writing in though, is to ask fellow gamers if theyre as fed up as me with developers/influencers/publishers that seem intent on spoiling almost everything before youve even opened the box on launch day.

This past month or so Ive had dozens of emails off Gearbox, asking me to go check out countless trailers, or check skill trees, or pick a reward weapon for a game I dont yet own. Then because I watched Borlderlands 2 loot location videos on YouTube Ive had dozens of vids recommended to me of annoying Americans that have been playing Borderlands 3 for weeks, posting hour-long gameplays cos they have 1K followers on Twitter and theyre deemed as influencers. Even reading the title of their vids give major details away.

I dont mind a preview like here on GC, or as they were in the mags of old, but why are they so intent on showing as much as possible before the game is even on the market? Ive avoided as much as I can, yet Ive still seen far too much. Its going to sell well, do they anticipate that many more sales by giving details away that only current Borderlands fans will care about anyway? A new player wont even know who the characters, never mind care that theyre returning in 3, so why on earth spoil it for the fans who would be buying it regardless?

I know the protagonists, I know the four characters and their main skills, I know the returning cast members, I know whos been fired and is being voiced by someone else, I know roughly how many locations therell be and I even know about the end game content – and as Ive said, Ive avoided as much as possible and still seen all that. Its flipping hard to read a page on Twitter, etc. and somehow miss spoilers you arent aware are there till its too late.

Roll on the 13th, so I can spoil all the surprises myself by playing the game. Im so glad Shenmue III isnt nearly as anticipated, as nobody seems to be talking about that. However, that may change closer to November and I have already seen a prominent character in a screenshot, so obviously theyre in it (as well as someone I thought was dead after Shenmue I – cheers to whoever uploaded that pic). If someone spoiRead More – Source


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