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Apex Legends - do you buy loot boxes?

Apex Legends – do you buy loot boxes?

The Evening Inbox doubts whether TimeSplitters will ever be a hit, as one reader argues against silent protagonists in Fire Emblem.

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Not a penny

Whenever I see one of these stories about microtransactions I feel like Im an alien thats just landed. People are spending over £100 to buy a slightly different looking axe for one of the characters in a free game? As if the world didnt feel like it was going mad enough people (kids mostly, I assume) are literally spending money on nothing.

As far as I can gather loot boxes are successful because of peer pressure amongst young teens and preying on the easily addicted. Obviously EA execs are okay with it but Id like to think I wouldnt be able to sleep at night if I knew that was where all my money was coming from.

People say that it doesnt matter because theyre all cosmetic but it does matter in terms of peoples lives theyre ruining, addicting them to gambling and encouraging them to clear out their parents wallets. The whole thing is just awful.

But the strangest thing is I dont think Ive ever spent a penny on loot boxes or been even the slightest bit tempted? I asked my friends if they had and they immediately said no, although then they admitted that they do use them for FIFA Ultimate Team which apparently doesnt count. Im sure thats not how it seems to EAs bank balance.

Butterfly lifespan

I had no idea that this delisting of Forza games was a regular thing, to the point where theyve invented a name for it. How awful. Theyre not really my thing but the idea of a game just disappearing from existence, and only those that originally bought it in its narrow window of existence ever able to play it just sounds wrong.

I realise car games are usually always improve on in their sequel but arent the Forza Horizon ones always set in a different country, that theyre obviously not going to go back to in the next one. When Forza Horizon 4 is four years old and gets delisted does that mean nobody will be able to drive around in the UK anymore? As far as I can see it does.

Youd think a company the size of Microsoft could afford to spend the extra to extend the licence, or just buy a lifetime one in the first place. Seem unnecessarily cheap and once again undermining the worth of games and their longevity.

Physical disappearance

The story about the imminent delisting of Forza Motorsport 6s digital version really made me appreciate the incredible foresight (considering that the Internet and digital video game stores werent even a thing back then) that Olivia Newton-John displayed in her seminal 1981 hit, Lets Get Physical.

Thats what the song was about, right?
Meestah Bull

GC: You realise theyll stop printing disc copies as well?



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Ignoring the alternative

The most interesting part of the THQ news for me was that theyre definitely making a sequel to Metro Exodus. Like many on the Inbox I feel the game was unfairly overlooked (and will almost certainly be sidelined when it comes to end of the year awards) and Im glad it did well enough to get another game, hopefully the same or even higher budget.

GCs interview with Dmitry Glukhovsky is still one of my favourites and Im very interested to see how hell continue the story given the unusual politics involved. People complain about there being too many Call Of Duty games and whatever but I do wonder whether that means theyre still buying the games or not and if theyre seeking out alternatives like Metro Exodus.

If youre just supporting the status quo then theres really no point complaining as all these companies are ever interested in is what makes money. Activision would stop making Call Of Duty tomorrow if it became unprofitable and switch to Barbie Horse Adventure sequels if they thought thatd make more.

Brothers in arms

Kind of crazy to think theres only four years between Contra III and Duke Nukem 3D. In my mind theyre generations apart (which I guess they are, technically) with no crossover at all. They are kind of similar in terms of the tone though (dumb dudebro style action) but Ive never found Duke Nukem funny or charming.

I didnt play a lot of first person shooters back in those days as I didnt have a PC but the few times I played at a friends I was more impressed by the tech than the gameplay. That said, seeing 2D guns and enemies running around did get a chuckle out of me, so good luck to those who still like that sort of thing.

Out of time

As much as Id love to think otherwise I really dont see a new TimeSplitters being very successful. People seem to forget that the games werent even very big when they first came out, at a time when first person shooters were still new on consoles and it was very rare to see something of that quality. Even with the GoldenEye 007 connection it didnt seem to make any difference.

I think it was because they were silly and had a sense of humour, rather than being grim and serious, but they neve really took off and I remember being really disappointed that the Future Perfect one by EA was obviously going to be a flop before it was even released, which it did end up being.

If THQ can make the new game a hit then great but I think fans have to accept that most people will never care.

Crustacean carnage

Going to get my request in early. Can we get a review of Crab Champions when its released?! It looks absolutely bonkers. For those who dont know, the reveal trailer can be found here:




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Speak up

Whenever someone writes in saying that Link should talk in a Zelda game I am the first to howl, Neverrrrrrr! (Well, in my head anyway, I dont want to look a loon on the train). Ive generally always been fine with silent protagonists in general and feel theyre usually the best choice for anything that doesnt rely on cut scenes. But Read More – Source