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Forza Horizon makers working on Fable IV claim rumours
Is Fable IV already in development?

There’s growing evidence that not only is Microsoft planning a new Fable game, but that the developers of Forza Horizon are making it.

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UK studio Playground Games seems an unlikely choice for a new Fable game, considering they’ve never made anything other than racing sims, but the Forza Horizon titles are open world and the team is known to currently be on a recruitment drive.

They’re also officially down as working on an ‘Untitled open world action RPG’ of some sort (which may mean that there’ll be no Forza Horizon 4 this year, despite this being its ‘turn’).

Although that doesn’t prove anything about Fable that would be a logical move, considering that Microsoft shut down original developer Lionhead in 2016.


Playground aren’t owned by Microsoft, but clearly they have a close working relationship. And according to a recently leaked list of names a new Fable game is currently underway.

The leak mentions betas for Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown 3, as well as a new third person Perfect Dark game by Gears Of War developer The Coalition. There’s also a reference to a Forza Horizon game set in Japan, the already announced Age Of Empires IV, and something to do with Halo and/or MechWarrior.

But there’s also a reference to a game codenamed Wisdom, which is set in ‘Albion’ – the fictional world of Fable – and which is being made by a UK studio.

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That’s still pretty thin evidence, but former Lionhead developer Don Williamson recently tweeted that he’s worked out who the developer is.

He subsequently deleted the tweet but website WCCFTech contacted him and narrowed things down to rule out anyone from Brighton. That in turn seems to make Playground Games the only independent UK studio that would be big enough to take on the job.

That’s still nowhere near a confirmation, but if Fable IV is announced this year then it really wouldn’t be a surprise if Playground are revealed as the developer.


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