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(Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite patch is here and it includes a new drive-able item as well as an updated Disco Domination.

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Epic Games has also added various other changes to improve gameplay including more options for building options to adjust the sensitive and speed that you can build.

Updates have also been made to the mobile version of the game after the Android beta was made available to everyone last week.

Performance has been improved for devices with Android 7 or earlier and there are memory improvements for iOS devices.

(Epic Games)

What has been added in the update?

The Quadcrasher is the main addition this week and offers a new way for players to travel around the map.

It can seat up to two players and it builds up its boost emter while driving.

Players can use the boost to building up speed, smash through buildings and send players flying by smashing into them.



The Port-A-Fortress has also been disabled while developers address some issues with the item, but the Port-a-Fort will have a higher drop rate while it is not active.

The Disco Domination LTM has also been updated since its launch last week.

Bandage spawn has been reduced by 50% while all common weapons have been removed from the game mode..

Spawn variability has also been increased and the side dance floors have been moved closer to the storm edge.

A tournament option has also been added to the Events tab in the gamer which will give players the chance to enter various competitions.

They will have scheduled dates and times and be open to all players.

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