Fortnite Season 7: NEW snow map due ahead of Season 7 Battle Pass Release Date? (Pic: EPIC)

We're coming close to the end of Fortnite Season 6 of Fortnite, and in standard Epic style, the developer could already be teasing the next big update to the game.

With Season 5 moving into Season 6, we saw the appearance of Kevin the Cube: a rolling monolithic entity that eventually collapsed into a singularity and momentarily transported players to another dimension.

Now, as Season 6 draws to a close, we're seeing something else come to the Fortnite map.

A massive storm cloud.


This week, we saw some interesting additions to the game's Weekly Challenges skin. The one listed of this week was a robot with icy limbs, which appeared alongside a new set of winter camouflage skins (introduced in the Deep Freeze physical bundles on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch).

Those themed costumes, alongside a massive new Storm Cloud coming in on the south portion of the map, suggest – excuse the meme – Winter is Coming.

Fans over on the game's subreddit seem to believe this new Cloud spells the start of Wintery events in the game, that will get closer and freeze elements of the map as Season 7 comes closer.

As per other Reddit conspiracies, we could see more changes coming to the map, too. The new character – AIM – is looking at a map that's familiar… but a bit different to Fortnite veterans.

The map, seen in the loading screen above, seems to suggest an incoming threat of some kind (indicated by diamond-shaped marker) is present south of Flush Factory.

It stands to reason this character is being brought in as a tease to start feeding us clues as to what the next Season will be.

We are, after all, on Week 8 of Season 6 – and Fortnite Seasons tend to last about 10 weeks. So we're sure to start seeing Epic drop more hints as time goes on.

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