Fortnite 5.40 UPDATE: Epic Games Early Patch Notes reveal Revolver Vaulted, NEW item, MORE

Epic Games has surprised everyone with an out of the blue Battle Royale developer update on this late Friday afternoon and players have been given some details on the upcoming changes coming to the game with the new 5.40 update.

This is likely dropping next Tuesday as per the usual times for Fortnite game updates.

Fortnite's design lead Eric Williamson revealed the news in a new developer video posted to the official Twitter account.

The headline change announced will likely be felt increasingly in the closing stages of games and bring about a quite important and dramatic change.

From 5.40 onwards the storms will begin to destroy structures built by players.

Speaking about the changes Williamson said it will impact “less than 10 percent” of Fortnite Battle Royale matches.

Equally, Williamson reassured fans that Epic believes the change will “provide a little more dynamic gameplay.”

Understandably this means that the massive structures seen at the end of some games, sometimes more so in esports and tournament matches, will probably be a thing of the past.

Get a first look at new Storm behavior, vaulting weapons and some item updates! Grab all the info before patch 5.40 hits next week.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 31, 2018

Williamson followed up this news with the announcement that the game will be putting the Revolver into the vault from 5.40 onwards.

That said the design lead was keen to point out that this isn't permanent and that items do return, such as the guided missile which was vaulted only to return a number of weeks later.

All in all, the Epic designer was keen to stress that changes were constantly being made to keep the loot pool 'fresh'.

There's also a "mobility item” being added in the 5.40 update, but Williamson held back on any further details for the time being.

It could be that we learn more over the weekend with any in-game news updates as per the way players have learnt about new items in the past days before they were actually added.

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Last but by no means least Williamson went through a number of key item changes that will be taking place.

For starters, Remote explosives will rarity will be changing from 'rare' to 'epic' making it more limited. This was being made apparently because of how effective the item is.

The rest of the item changes were more concerned with "stack sizes".

So from 5.40 onwards Boogie bombs will come in pairs of two and shields will now stack up to 3 rather than the current stack size of 2.

And that's it. As mentioned, we may learn more about the games upcoming 5.40 changes in the coming days, so stay tuned for updates.

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