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Dark Souls Remastered PS4 pre-order rumoured for May
Dark Souls – praise the sun if these rumours are true

The long-rumoured remaster of FromSoftware’s classic could be out in a matter of months, if the latest news from Japan is real.

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If the Japanese pre-order notice below is real then it looks like Dark Souls is getting a remaster after all, but seemingly only on PlayStation 4.

The image below turned up via forum ResetEra and although it’s all in Japanese, and therefore difficult to expose as a fake just by looking at it, apparently the barcode is unique and doesn’t seem to relate to any known product.

That still doesn’t mean it’s real, but a remaster has been rumoured for a long time now. Although it’s most commonly been associated with the Nintendo Switch, since developer FromSoftware are listed as a developer for the system but still haven’t announced anything.

Prepare to pre-order
Prepare to pre-order

The Switch rumour always involved all three Dark Souls game as well, which seemed unlikely given the sheer volume of content that would involve – for both developer and player.

The title in the pre-order image is ambiguous though, and although it probably refers to just the first game the optimistic could still construe it as including the entire trilogy.

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If the image is real then we’d expect an official announcement very soon, and for it also to be released on Xbox One in the West.

A Switch version should be more than possible on a technical level, but there’s nothing here to suggest it’s actually happening.


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