Game Of Thrones - will there ever be a decent video game?

Game Of Thrones – will there ever be a decent video game?

A reader tries to imagine the perfect Game Of Thrones tie-in, with a mix of strategy, action, and celebrity voiceovers.

Ever since the show ended theres been a lot of talk about the ultimate Game Of Thrones game and what that might look like. Then there was that new mobile game announced during the week, that sounded like just another gatcha scam that makes no sense in the context of the show or books. I imagine thats all well get from now on since, as GC pointed out, I dont think the main cast will ever want anything to do with it again.

Theyve been making A Song of Ice and Fire games before the show even started but no matter what its been based on theres never been anything thats really any good. Probably the famous is the Telltale series that came out in 2014 but which was, unfortunately, probably their worst major game. So bad that they didnt even get around to making a second season, with only vague rumours that they were before they went bust.



But if theres little chance of it ever happening theres no harm in just dreaming and imagining what the perfect Game Of Thrones game would be.

I guess the problem for companies is that the heart of the show is politics and diplomacy, and while there is action its fairly rare and usually over quite quickly. If this was the 90s it still wouldnt stop them turning it into an action game but thats not going to fly today. For me the best bet would be a mix of Total War and Telltale – except done well and probably closer to Life Is Strange.

I would be kind of shocked if Total War never approached HBO at any point because that is such an obvious combination. I also assume the only reason it fell through is money, which always seems to be the only thing to get in the way of a good idea.

But Total War alone wouldnt be enough, and youd have to make a way to make the diplomacy/politics feel a lot more personal. Id imagine giving you third person control of a character when youre at a castle or other major location, and that way having a bit of combat (something like For Honor would be great) and also talk with other people in a way that doesnt make it seem just like talking heads.

A big question would be whether youre playing just one character or a whole house. But I think in order to maintain the illusion that anyone could die at any time it would have to be a house. That means solo characters like Brienne of Tarth and The Hound would have to be non-player characters but that makes sense as they dont want the throne anyway. And if they become allies theres nothing stopping them from becoming playable characters anyway.



To me thats what would get closest to the show, but I suppose a lot of people would be expecting something like Skyrim but a little less fantastical. Unless you were just playing a game set in the universe, that wasnt specifically about the battle for the throne, that would be fine but to me that doesnt really get at the heart of what make the series so engrossing.

I suppose they might still try if the spin-off shows get off the ground. And theres nothing stopping anyRead More – Source