Loose Women presenter Christine Lampard has described the "sinister and dark" tweets she allegedly received from her stalker.

Christof King, who wanted Mrs Lampard to help him get a career in television, pleaded guilty to stalking the presenter on Friday but denies sending the tweets.

Nicholas Dunham, prosecuting, told Isleworth Crown Court that King sent Twitter messages that ranged "from dark to loving to incoherent".

King, who stalked the presenter between January 2015 and September 2017, also sent letters and would turn up at her home.

Mrs Lampard has told how she found the letters "odd", saying one had been "written to my dog".

The former One Show host, who is married to retired Premier League footballer Frank Lampard, spoke from behind a red curtain as she gave evidence at a Newton hearing on Monday.

She said she found the tweets so "disturbing" that she showed them to her husband, adding: "Several tweets became quite sinister and dark."

Image: King pleaded guilty to stalking Mrs Lampard but has denied sending her 'sinister' tweets

Mrs Lampard said she noticed the tweets because she received so many of them.

King is accused of sending one message which read: "I can hear the scratch of nails as I sharpen them ahead of your crucifixion."

In another he is alleged to have written: "I am planning the words that will go on your gravestone."

Mrs Lampard told the court she remembered the word "tombstone" from one of the tweets, and that she paid a "great deal" of attention to his Twitter profile photo.

The daytime TV star, who is expecting her first child with Mr Lampard, said her biggest concern was that she worked predominantly on live broadcasts.

She said this meant it would not be difficult for King to figure out when she would leave work.

Mr Lampard spoke with King on one occasion when he came to the couple's £10m Chelsea mansion.

The former Chelsea and England midfielder had thought it was a colleague when his housekeeper said "Christof" was at the door.

Image: Frank and Christine Lampard are expecting a child

Mrs Lampard immediately recognised the stalker from his Twitter profile and was "so scared" at the sight of him.

Mr Dunham told the court that King said he was writing a book on "synchronicity", and that the Lampards "kept coming up in his life" and in the book.

King became "frustrated" that Mr Lampard didn't understand him, as Mr Lampard felt "nervous and anxious" after the seven minute conversation and was concerned about his wife, Mr Dunham said.

King wrote a letter to Mrs Lampard in September 2017, saying he would like "help getting into the TV industry".

Talking about the range of messages she received from her stalker, Mrs Lampard said: "I felt very uneasy with the letters.

"Incredibly odd – including one written to my dog, but it was this sense that he felt a certain destiny to talk to me which is clearly not normal."

King's letter to the dog said he was "so pleased" to meet the animal.

Christof King even went so far as to send a letter to Mrs Lampard's dog
Image: Christof King even went so far as to send a letter to Mrs Lampard's dog

He wrote: "I really do feel that we developed a special kind of bond in that moment and I would love to do it again some time.

"The only thing that left me feeling disappointed was that you didn't speak to me."

The note included a "short questionnaire" King wanted the dog to fill in.

Mrs Lampard told ITV's Loose Women viewers in 2017 that King turned up at a hotel they were staying in.

She said: "There was a chap who had been trying to get in contact with me for a while.

"He thought we were married in his mind.

"He randomly turned up at the hotel we were staying in, which does freak you out because there's a sense that he knows where you are.

"Frank did go out and say, 'Look, you've got to stop, this isn't normal behaviour', and we haven't heard since."

Newton hearings take place without a jury.

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The judge will listen to arguments from both sides to ascertain who is telling the truth.

The hearing continues.

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