Fans are calling out Chrissy Teigen over her new tattoo (Picture: Instagram)

Chrissy Teigen has come under fire after revealing a new tattoo she has inked onto her arm.

Taking to Instagram, Chrissy posted a series of snaps of her in the middle of having her tattoo done, as well as a black and white photo of the finished result.

Its a series of meaningful numbers, including the birthdays of her husband John Legend and their two kids, Luna and Miles, that have been etched alongside the inside of her arm.

Pretty chuffed with her new design, Chrissy joked she was a cool mom back at it again as she added to her tattoo collection.

But, rather than leave fans impressed with the body art, some were quick to point out that Chrissys tat could be taken in the wrong way.

One fan suggested it gives out Holocaust vibes – as prisoners at concentration camps during the Holocaust were forcibly given identity numbers on their arrival that were tattooed onto their arms.



They wrote: Yikes really strong Holocaust vibes.

Another called it bad taste, while a third said: Chrissy, I know you didnt mean to evoke this with your tattoo, but I encourage you to look up the history of holocaust tattoos – a series of numbers forcibly given to people held in concentration camps to identify them.

This has potential to be very offensive, even if that was not your intention.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

One more said: I know this must be something personal to you, but numbers on the inside of your arm mean something very different.

Others defended Chrissys choice in tattoo and how it pays tribute to her family, with one fan commenting that Chrissy is allowed to honour her loved ones in her own way on her own body. have reached out to Chrissys rep.

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