Charmander Shiny Pokemon GO: How to catch Shiny Charmander and Black Charizard

Pokemon GO's August update brought in the legendary Pokemon Raikou, as well as a whole set of new research tasks that players can complete to unlock new Pokemon encounters.

One of the more exciting new quests can introduce players to the new Pokemon Spinda – you'll just need to complete three curveball throws to trigger the appearance of the dizzy panda.

But whilst new Pokemon are taking the spotlight, players are also searching for Shiny versions of some of Pokemon's most classic mascots – which can actually be quite hard to come by.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about caching a Shiny Charmander, with the end-goal of netting yourself a Shiny Charizard.

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At the time of writing, there are a variety of ways of encountering Charmander in Pokemon GO.

First up, Charmander will be one of the active Tier 1 Raid bosses during the month of August. Though it won't appear as a Shiny in gyms, defeating and encountering the hot little lizard in these instances has the chance of spawning a Shiny.

Secondly, there is a Field Research task that asks you to 'Power up a Pokemon 5 times'. Doing this could reward you with a Bulbasaur, a Charmander or a Squirtle. These come with better odds of being Shiny, too.

To encounter this task, try spinning as many Pokestops as possible per day to up your odds of encountering the task – you should eventually find it. Be aware this task may rotate out at the end of August.

Finally, you can encounter the Pokemon in the wild for a 1/450 chance of encountering a Shiny.

Once captured, you will need 125 candy to evovle the Charmander into Charmeleon (25 candy) and then Charizard (100 candy).

Pokemon GO Gen 3 Shiny Legendary Pokemon REVEAED – Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi and more FOUND

Dataminer Crales has discovered more Pokemon hidden in the data traffic for Pokemon GO – including Pokemon GO Gen 3 Shiny Legendary Pokemon – Deoxys and Jirachi, as well as Gen 2's Celebi.

It's also worth noting that August Research Task encounters don't drop any specific Pokemon with specific CP stats or moves.

Pokemon GO Charizard is a Fire and Flying-type Pokemon with a max CP of 2686, with corresponding base stats of 223 attack, 176 defense and 156 stamina in Pokemon GO.

Despite looking like a super-cool black dragon, thanks to its typing and generally underwhelming move pools, shiny Charizard isn't really that good a defender or an attacker.

Still, it looks amazing – and that's what most Pokemon trainers really care about, right?

Pokemon GO – August Field Reseach Tasks

These are all the new tasks and their rewards that have come with Raikou's August update:

• Land 3 curveballs in a row – Encounter (Spinda)

• Evolve a Meowth – Encounter (Houndour-Shiny potential)

• Catch a Meowth or Growlithe – Encounter (Electrike)

• Catch a Skitty or Poochyena – Encounter (Snubbull-Shiny Potential)

• Transfer 10 Pokémon – Encounter (Misdreavus)

• Use 5 berries to help catch a Pokémon – Encounter (Girafarig)

• Catch 5 Electric Pokémon – Encounter (Mareep – Shiny Potential)

• Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather Boost – Encounter (Poliwag)

• Hatch an Egg – Encounter (Lanturn)

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