Bleeding after sex: should I be worried? What are the common causes?
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Many women expect to bleed a little after the first time they have sex.

Some women – but not all – will find they have a little blood afterwards because their hymen has torn.

But, later into your sex life, you may be a little worried to find some spots of blood, or more, after you’ve done the deed.

So, should you just ignore it or go into full blown panic mode?

Firstly, Dr Dan Robertson, medical officer at Push Doctor, reassures that, while it is only natural that bleeding after sex will worry most people, in most cases it’s nothing too serious.

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But you certainly should not ignore it and a trip to see your GP should be your next stop.

Dr Dan said: ‘For women, potential causes include vaginal dryness, for example, if you have sex when you’re not fully aroused or after the menopause.

‘It could be polyps, non-cancerous lumps, inside the vagina or inflammation or an ectropion of the cervix.

Bleeding after sex: should I be worried? What are the common causes?
If you find blood after sex – don’t ignore it (Picture: Ella Byworth/

‘Another common cause is sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia.

‘If left untreated these can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, a potentially serious condition that can lead to serious health and fertility complications.

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‘It’s very rare that bleeding after sex will be a sign of cervical cancer, but it’s definitely worth getting checked out by a doctor to rule everything out and give yourself peace of mind.’

It won’t take much to work out the cause and a visit to your GP who will carry out a vaginal examination and swabs should clarify the situation.

For men, bleeding after sex is sometimes caused by irritation of the urethra, explained Dr Dan.

Bad news though – your doctor will likely recommend a period of rest before having sex again.

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‘Blood in the semen can be a sign of an infection, be a result of trauma or, particularly in older men, on rare occasions can be a sign of something more serious.

‘In all cases it’s important to report the symptoms to your doctor.

‘It could also be caused by an enlarged prostate putting pressure on your reproductive system.

‘Book yourself in for a prostate exam to see if this is what’s to blame.’

And of course, there could be another reason why you have suffered bleeding after intercourse.

‘The other obvious cause is being a little rough during sex.

‘Whilst this is fairly common, don’t just ignore it as it could be the only sign that something’s not right.’

There you have it. If you experience bleeding after sex – no matter how rough the sex was – stay calm but go and see your doctor.

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