Two celebrities – X Japan leader Yoshiki and Blackpink singer Lisa – are not forgetting their home towns even as their fame takes them around the world.

Yoshiki, 53, drummer for the rock band, opened his wallet when a typhoon recently hit the Chiba region in Japan.

In a tweet on Sept 11, he wrote: "I am in the US now. I just found out that my home town of Tateyama, Chiba, and places across the prefecture, have been greatly damaged by the typhoon.

"I am very worried and praying that Chiba will recover as quickly as possible."

He has since given 10 million yen (S$127,415) to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help typhoon-stricken parts of Chiba get back on their feet, reported the SoraNews24 portal.

"My feelings for my home town have never faded. I am sorry that this is the only thing I can do to help," he said.

In August, Yoshiki also gave 10 million yen to victims of the Kyoto Animation arson attack, and US$100,000 (S$138,000) to Earth Alliance to help tackle the Amazon rainforest fires.


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