Black Ops 4: How to get your hands on NEW Call of Duty game SIX hours early (Pic: ACTIVISION)

If you're a UK resident, you'll be able to get your hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 a little earlier than anyone else.

The game – which is supposed to be on-sale from October 12, will instead be available to fans at 6pm on November 11 if you go to GAME stores.

Apparently, this is because when the servers go live at midnight on the 12, players are required to have downloaded and installed a massive 50GB day one patch. Yeesh.

If you don't have that patch, you can't get online with the game – and that's a problem since the whole game kinda doesn't have a single-player campaign.

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Retailer GAME has itself said that anyone can come into one of its stores at 6pm on October 11 and pick up the title… it's not exclusive to players that have pre-ordered the title.

According to reports from Kotaku, this move has been sanctioned by Call of Duty publisher Activision, too.

The official messaging from the company wants to avoid certain buzzwords (sorry!) but has a clear incentive for players:


Any mention of "early access" / "play early" / "play at 6pm"


Pick up in Store at 6PM Thursday

Stores open at 6PM – Even if you haven't pre-ordered you can come in and pick up your copy

Install to your console ready to play at midnight

If you've pre-ordered your game elsewhere, though, don't worry.

Reports from various sites online suggest that Amazon is also sending out copies of the game early, in order for players to get playing as soon as the servers are online.

We just hope your internet connection isn't capped, and that a 50GB download isn't that much to ask of your service provider.

Good luck if you're keen on playing the game as soon as possible.

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