With pixel art styling and a darkly surreal sense of humour, Graveyard Keeper is like a death-obsessed Stardew Valley, where rather than being a free-wheeling farmer, youre the freshly deceased and monumentally confused new caretaker of a celestial cemetery.

There are interesting characters to meet, from the Marxist talking donkey that pulls the corpse wagon, to the gibbering skull that acts as your early guide in the game. In order to complete their quests youll need to unlock blueprints for tools, skills, and useful items.

Its a huge game with a lot to do, but tasks are often cursorily explained, and usually only once. Youll also find many of them require a litany of layered unlocks and crafting, which can leave your interactions feeling sprawling and shapeless. Toss in a succession of crash bugs that eRead More – Source


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