Tekken 7 - it's a knockout

Tekken 7 – its a knockout

A reader moves onto Dead Or Alive 6 and Tekken 7 as he dissects the best, and worst, fighting games of the last few years.

Before we get to Tekken I just want to briefly touch on Dead Or Alive 6. I wont go into much detail, as its not worth the bother. Which is a shame as there were encouraging signs that this would be the time when Team Ninja took things seriously. Turns out that the only thing they were serious about was exploiting their dwindling fanbase. Because this game wont be making any new ones. The cast is made up of either tedious bores like Kasumi and Hayate, who should have been axed years ago, to almost-greats like Helena and Ayane, who really should be icons by now.

There are nice gestures, like a brilliant tutorial mode and a Quest mode where you complete some fairly basic objectives. But its all about being a virtual dress-up box. Which would be okay, if there was a lot of it for each character, but only if you pay through the nose. Which is not okay. Nor do these costume packs make much sense. Why would everybody dress like a pirate? Or dress for a wedding?



Theres not even the faintest whiff of a romance in the story, which takes itself far too seriously. Which, ironically, makes it seem all the sillier. But not in a fun way. Tekken proves that humour can cover a multitude of sins but perhaps thats too much to ask for from a developer that made the cult classic that was Metroid: Other M.

If you want lots of cosmetics, Soulcalibur VI, Tekken 7, or the last two NetherRealm fighters will serve much better and have much better priced DLC too.

Tekken 7

Speaking of unwanted melodrama, Bandai Namco have said that the Mishima saga is done with now. Thank goodness. That said, the final battle between Heihachi and his son Kazuya was more affecting than it should have been. I did like that one, sad tear rolling down Heihachis face – it was so very sad!

Of course, Tekken is at its best when its being funny so the sight of Eddy Gordo being forced to train as Lucky Chloes new backing dancer is a welcome display of comedy gold.


A fun, if basic story mode that more importantly does not outstay its welcome. There is now bowling, which wasnt free but I have it anyway. Its entertaining, for a short time at least. Treasure mode is where youre meant to be spending most of your days, where like the Quest mode of Virtua Fighter 5 you can earn all those nice costumes and accessories. Its all… okay. And no more.




Pretty great, naturally. You can tell that this is Bandai Namcos prize cash cow. Everything is nice and shiny. Nothing jaw dropping, however. The days of 3D fighting games leading the graphical arms race are long over, it seems.


It plays like Tekken – as usual. Though not as heavy and bloated as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 felt. It definitely feels like there is life in this old girl and she has a spring in her step. I wont discuss sound here as theres not much to say.


Other than Devil Kazuya to get for beating the story, everything else is cosmetic. Though I see from GameFAQs that if you play 2,000 matches – in any mode – you unlock everything in one fell swoop! Thats good, isnt it?


Being the seventh instalment in a franchise more than 20 years old, there will be some notable omissions. No kangaroos or little velociraptors, no Christie. Alisa comes back but we have to wait for Zafina. This has taken so long to write that Bandai Namco have just put out a trailer for her after this years Pro Evo tournament. Nina Williams was available at launch, but youll have to pay extra for her sister.

At this rate, its probably inevitable that well be playing as kangaroos before too long. Until then we can smack a narcoleptic vampire lady in the face with a big, wet salmon as Kuma. And who doesnt like doing that?


How much that matters to you is well, up to you… isnt it? Not everybody can be a star in the Tekken cast, but Ive never felt there have been any outright stinkers either. Tekken – its reliable!

Post launch support

Good. Fairly priced. In the main. Some chRead More – Source


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