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An anti-vaccination group with connections to one of the largest and most influential environmentalists in the U.S. is suing New York City for mandating that select citizens receive vaccinations to prevent a measles outbreak.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the Childrens Health Defense filed a lawsuit Monday against the citys Department of Health and Human Hygiene for pushing the mandate. Kennedy Jr., a noted environmental activist and attorney, is calling for a temporary restraining order, labeling the mandate “capricious, contrary to law” and exceeding “lawful authority.”

“Rather than using available legal mechanisms such as isolation or quarantine under Public Health Law §2100,” the lawsuit reads, “respondents have imposed not only severe criminal and civil penalties for not vaccinating but have stated that persons not vaccinated shall be vaccinated against measles, thus introducing the specter of unjustifiable forced vaccination to Williamsburg and the City of New York.”

New York City declared a public health emergency April 9, an order that mandates measles-mumps-rubella shots for people who live in Williamsburg as the number of measles cases jumped to 285 since September 2018, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. People who do not comply with the order will face a fine of up to $1,000 and questioning by health inspectors.

FILE PHOTO: A woman opposed to childhood vaccinations takes part in a demonstration in West Nyack, N.Y. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

“Our goal is not to fine people or shut down schools,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters shortly after the order was issued. “Our goal is to vaccinate people. We have the tools available now because of this emergency order to fine — and fine very substantially. But if people just go and get vaccinated, there is no need for a fine.”

He added: “If people ignore our order, we will issue fines.” (RELATED: Some Of Amazons Top Books On Vaccinations Come From A slew Of Noted Anti-Vaxxers)

The Childrens Health Defenses website suggests there is a high level of mercury in vaccinations that elevates the risk of autism.

“The measles scare was classic disaster capitalism, with media outlets dutifully stoking public hysteria on editorial pages and throughout the 24-hour broadcast cycle,” the website notes.

Health experts dismiss these claims as pure bunk.

“The myth that measles vaccines are associated with autism has been thoroughly debunked by scientific research,” Alan Kadish, a physician and president of the Touro College & University System, told reporters Tuesday.

“Measles is far more dangerous than many parents understand and has the potential to be fatal,” he said.

Other health professionals said activists like Kennedy Jr. are receiving way too much attention on social media. Pediatrician Peter Hotez, for instance, worries Amazon is upgrading books by skeRead More – Source

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