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All-new Xbox hardware promised for Gamescom (spoiler: its probably a gamepad)

Will the Xbox Elite 2 controller be at Gamescom? (pic: Controller Pimps)

Microsoft is planning to show off 25 Xbox One and PC games at Europes equivalent to E3, but definitely not the Xbox Two.

E3 was barely a month ago but already games companies are looking to its European cousin as the next big event on the gaming calendar.

Gamescom in Germany is due to start on Tuesday, August 21 and as usual almost every games company in the world will be there to show off their wares in both the public halls and the special press-only areas.

Sony and Nintendo dont tend to announce anything new at Gamescom but Microsoft often do and a new blog by Major Nelson is promising to reveal all-new Xbox hardware and accessories.

Or rather it used to promise that. As soon as Microsoft realised people thought they meant a new console they changed the wording to new Xbox One bundles and accessories.

XBOX ONE S with Assassins Creed or a selection of other games

It sounds like new bundles are one the way.

That doesnt mean the new hardware wont be interesting though, as rumours suggest the new accessories may include the Xbox Elite 2 controller – whose existence was leaked some time ago.



The original is arguably the best joypad ever made, as well it should be given its exorbitant price tag.

The new version seems to be only a relatively minor upgrade though, with a USB-C charging port, Windows 10 Bluetooth support, three-level hair trigger locks, and redesigned paddles.

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Theres no clue as to what the new bundles will be, but one is very likely to involve Forza Horizon 4 – as thats Microsofts big new game for Christmas.

A live stream event is promise for 3.30pm BST on Tuesday, August 21, which is likely to be where the new accessories and bundles will be shown off for the first time.

Microsoft are also promising 25 games for the public to play, although that almost certainly includes third party and indie titles. And although theres the mention of a few surprises its unclear whether theyll announce any major new AAA games.

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