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Unilever threatens to pull advertising from social networks

Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, may stop buying advertising on social networks lik..

Intelligence officials say Russia intent on disrupting future US elections

The Trump administration’s top intelligence officials said during a Capitol Hill hearing Tuesday tha..

Europe isn’t ready to face modern threats

NATO is preparing for the wrong war. The alliance’s members have a combined 3 million troops and clo..

Trump finally launching $1.5T sales pitch

The White House is rolling out President Donald Trump’s long-awaited infrastructure plan Monday, swi..

How a British telecoms startup is bridging UK’s rural digital divide

KEYNSHAM, England — The rolling hills around this small market town on the outskirts of Bristol don’..

China’s meddling poses greater threat to EU than Kremlin, says study

The EU is ill-prepared to defend itself against Beijing’s influence on European politics, according ..

UK ‘fake news’ committee says patience is running out

WASHINGTON — British lawmakers did not like what they heard when they traveled to Washington to quiz..

Brexiteers downplay Russia ties ahead of US ‘fake news’ hearing

WASHINGTON — British MPs will clash with Big Tech during a hearing on fake news Thursday and, like e..

Hate speech thrives underground

Illegal content and terrorist propaganda are still spreading rapidly online in the European Union — ..

Theresa May warns China to play by international rules

LONDON — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday pledged to challenge Beijing to stick to interna..

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