Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans want CoD WW2 features for new 2018 Treyarch game

Call of Duty 2018 has is heavily rumoured to be in the works, and will be released by Treyarch in 2018 – who have taken on developmental duty after Sledgehammer released Call of Duty: World War 2 last year.

According to reports from early February, this year's Call of Duty game is going to be a new entry in the Black Ops series – potentially Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The game, which will be developed by Black Ops veteran studio Treyarch, is rumoured to be in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC – with a version in development for Nintendo Switch also muted too.

These reports started as little more than rumours from self-styled industry insider Marcus Sellars – whose track record is patchy at best when it comes to leaks.

However, they gained a little more validity when Eurogamer alleged to have checked with their own sources to verify the information.

Eurogamer hasn't been able to verify information about the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but the site's unnamed, un-linked and also unverified "sources" have reportedly stated that this year's entry will indeed be Black Ops 4.

But what sort of content can we expect from the game? Last year saw Sledgehammer go back to 'boots on the ground' gameplay and new information from CoD experts Charlie Intel suggest this is exactly what fans want in 2018.

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The aformentioned experts in all things Call of Duty ran a poll to its hardcore Call of Duty fanbase on Monday, and asked what game players want to see from Treyarch this year?

The options listed:

• Black Ops 4 with boots on the ground
• Black Ops 4 with jetpacks
• New Sub-brand
• World at War 2

Interestingly, a follow-up to the studio's previous title World at War came in dead last, whilst boots on the ground Black Ops 4 seemed to be the unrivalled favourite game by a significant margin.

From over 50,000 votes an overwhelming 62% of the vote said they want Black Ops 4 with boots on the ground.

Even more interesting was the fact that there was a larger percentage of people who would rather have seen a new sub-brand than return to Black Ops 4 with jetpacks.

Obviously, it's worth pointing out that this is but a small fraction of the global Call of Duty fanbase. But equally, as some of the most loyal and dedicated CoD fans online, it's still worth taking note of their opinions and votes in this poll.

But will the actual game live up to players' hopes? We imagine we'll find out soon.

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More recently though we did learn what some professional Call of Duty players think with regards to the next title in the Call of Duty series.

Recently, Doug “Censor” Martin, who plays professionally for Next Threat, uploaded a YouTube video dedicated to the topic of the upcoming title, putting some significant support behind the idea of the next CoD being Black Ops 4:

“If I could bet my house on it, I would bet my house it will be Black Ops 4. If it turns out not to be Black Ops 4, I will give every single person who likes this video $1”

It seems Censor also believes a new movement system is on the way.

“The reason I think there will be some sort of advanced movement system, is because I don’t think they will be going back in time.

I think they are going to go, like relevant to today, 2020 or 2025, something around our time period. With all this crazy stuff with technology, like Elon Musk putting cars in outer space […] and so, I feel with a modern day Call of Duty, they can make the game with jetpacks, I just feel like that’s what they’re going to do.”

Professional players are often kept in the loop about what the next game in a series will be – or at least fed rumours by industry insiders – so it's likely Censor knows something, even if he can't outright say anything is confirmed.

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